Partial Customer List

Aeroquip Corporation - Fittings
Alliance Knife - Knifes
A.M.S.E.A. - Dayton L.L.C. - Stampings
Atlas Industries - Automotive parts
Bendco Machine - Bending Machines
Blade Manufacturing Co. - Saw Blades
Browning Mfg. - Emerson Power Transmission - Gears
Capital Spring Co.- Springs
Carbide Products - Carbide Tooling
Circle M Automation - Automation systems

Copeland Corporation - Compressors
Crane Plumbing - Vitreous China Plumbinng Fixtures
C&S Machine - Tooling
C. L. Cook Division - Rings
Dayton Progress - Punches
Delphi Chassis - Automotive Components
Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems - Compressor
Denison Hydraulics - Hydraulic Components
Fanuc Robotics - Robots
Federal Mogul Sintered Products - Powered Iron Parts
Flowserve - Chemical Pumps
Ford Motor Company - Transmissions
Freeman Corporation - Wood Veneers
FunkFineCast. - Production Cast Parts
Gem City Engineering Inc. - CMI Trim Strips
Glacier-Daido - Bearings
Hamilton Industrial Grinding - Knifes
Hartzell Propeller Inc. - Propellers
Honda of America Mfg. Inc. - Engines
IMO Industries - Hydraulic Pumps
Irotas Manufacturing Co.- Printing Rolls
Jones Spring Co., W. B. - Springs
J. L. Lucas - Disc Grinders Repair
Kirk Habicht Spring Co. - Springs
Krafft & Associates Inc .- Grinding
Lincoln Manufacturing - Stampings
Midcontinent Spring - Springs
Minster Machine Co. - Presses
Mosey Manufacturing - Tube products
Motoman - Robotic Systems
O'Cedar Brands - Mops
PDQ Industries - Springs
Precision Resource - Fineblanked Parts
Prime Products - Machined parts
Process Equipment Co. - Assembly Machinery
Pyramid Metallizing Inc. - Spray Coatings
Q-Point Robotics - Robotic Integration
Quality Steels Corporation - Steel Service Center
Riten Industries - Machine Centers
Rixan Associates, Inc. - Robotic Systems
Rosewood Machine and Tool Co. - Production Parts
Roller Bearing Corporation - Bearings
Scan-Pac Mfg. Inc. - Friction Pads
Schnipke Engraving - Plastic Parts
Southern Graphic Systems - Printing Rolls
Stalder Spring Co.- Springs
Timken - St. Clair Components - Tubular Products
Tosoh Smd Inc.- Targets
Tremac Corporation - Springs
Twist Inc .- Springs
Union Spring Co. - Springs
U. S. Industrial Grinding - Knifes
Voisard Tool Service, Inc. - Tool Regrinding
Wapakoneta Machine Co. - Knifes and Slitters
White Hydraulics, Inc. - Hydraulic motors
YSK - Auomotive Components
Yost Superior Co. - Springs