Ecotech Offers over 165 types of Grinding Machines
Cylindrical Manual Grinders Internal Grinders
Cylindrical CNC Grinders Vertical CNC Internal Grinders
Cylindrical Roll Grinders Vertical Rotary Surface Grinders
Angular Approach CNC Cylindrical Grinders Centerless Grinders
Universal CNC Cylindrical Grinders Centerless CNC Grinders
Universal Cylindrical Grinders Surface Grinders
Internal CNC Grinders  
Ecotech Builds Grinder with CNC Controls or Hydraulic Controls
It's your choice. Most models are available either way. Ecotech grinders use GE Fanuc CNC controls for single or multiple axis control of the wheelhead, table, or dresser. Consider Ecotech for your cylindrical, universal, surface, centerless, rotary, and internal CNC grinding machine requirements.
Ecotech Offer Large or Small Capacity Cylindrical Grinders

 CNC Plain Cylindrical Grinder

 MK1320SE Grinder


Plain Cylindrical Grinders

Ecotech offers centertype grinders with the following capacities:

  • 8" swing by 20" or 30"
  • 12" swing by 20", 40", 60", 80" or 120"
  • 20" swing by 80", 120", 160", 196", or 315"
  • 25" swing by 80", 120", 160", 196" or 240"
  • 32" swing by 120", 160", 196", 315" or 393"

CNC Grinder


Plain Cylindrical Grinder

Multiwhheel grinder for Axles are available - H405 Click Here

Roll Grinders 

Ecotech offers over 22 types of roll grinders featuring crowning wheelheads with available work sizes from:

  • Smallest - 25" swing x (80 to 160)" OAL
  • Largest - 63" swing x (237 to 473)" OAL

Roll Grinder

Flat roll grinding with optional belt attachment Click Here

Universal Grinder

Universal Type Cylindrical Grinders

Ecotech offers universal type grinders in the following capacities:

  • 8" swing by 20"
  • 12" swing by 40", 60" or 120"
  • 20" swing by 60", 80" or 120"
  • 25" swing by 80", 120" or 160"
Ecotech Offers Reasonably Priced Grinding Equipment

Vertical Rotary Grinders

Ecotech has nine sizes of rotary vertical spindle grinders:

  • Magnetic chucks from 12" to 88"
  • M7475 with a 30" diameter table
  • M74100 with a 40" diameter table
  • M74225 with a 88" diameter table

Blanchard Grinder

Ecotech Features Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction

Centerless Grinder

Centerless Grinders

Ecotech has five sizes of centerless grinders:

  • M1020 up to 1" diameter
  • M1050 up to 2" diameter
  • M1080 up to 3" diameter
  • M10100 up to 4" diameter
  • M10200 up to 8" diameter
Ecotech Uses Precision Hand Scraped Machine Ways

Internal Grinder

Internal Grinders

Ecotech has four models of internal grinders with the following capacities:

  • M2110 up to 4" diameter by 6" OAL
  • M2120 up to 8" diameter by 8" OAL
  • HO56 up to 11" diameter by 43" OAL
  • H124 up to 15" diameter by 70" OAL
Ecotech includes US Standard Electrical Controls

Surface Grinders

Ecotech surface grinders are available in the following sizes:

  • 13" wide x 19", 39", 63", or 78" long
  • 16" wide x 86", 118", 157," or 196" long
  • 20" wide x 49", 63", 78", 118", or 157" long
  • 25" wide x 39", 63", or 78" long
  • 27" wide x 49", 63", or 78" long
  • 31" wide x 49", 63", or 78" long

Surface Grinder

Ecotech Builds Productivity into Each Grinding Machine
It's not the same old grind with Ecotech. We offer a broad line of high quality, reasonably priced grinding equipment. A fully-equipped demonstration showroom and training center is part of out 18,000 sq. ft. facility near Atlanta, Georgia. We maintain an exceptionally large inventory of grinding machines and spare parts for immediate shipment.

Most of our machines use oversize heavy cast iron construction because we know how important rigidity is to grinding. We use the precision hand scraped ways that you expect on a quality machine tool. The grinder comes equipped with an electrical control package using components manufactured to USA specifications. Ecotech loads its grinders with standard features and tooling that our competitors don't include. We include tooling, installation, and training with a full year's warranty on all parts and service as part of the basic low price. It's no wonder that Ecotech has sold over 700 grinding machines in the USA.


Ecotech Machinery,Inc., is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Machine Tool Works (SMTW), one of the world's largest manufacturers of precision and computer-controlled grinders. In its more than 50 years, SMTW has developed some 450 different types of grinders for over 80,000 worldwide installations.

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