Automatic Guide Rail Adjustment

Now you can adjust for a new product size in seconds!
Automatic Guide Rail Unit

This automatic adjustable guiding system provides a very flexible way to add width adjustment for conveyors in a production line. The system offers easy automatic resetting of product guiding systems in production flows. You can expect increased line efficiency and safe product distribution throughout the line.

Automatic Guide Rail System Features

  • Fast automatic side rail width adjustment
  • Modular scalable design
  • Easy to expand, install and integrate on existing installations
  • Accumulate different width products on the same conveyor
  • Increases line efficiency and product safety
  • Does not block or restrict access to product
The guide unit has a built-in gear motor that adjusts the guide rails in and out by means of a rotating threaded shaft. The 24 VAC motor provides high enough force for width adjustment but still low enough force to stop if something gets jammed.

Automatic Guide Rail System in Curves

Each guide unit includes a cable that is daisy chained to the next guide unit. The synchronous AC motors ensure that the automatic side rail units move in parallel. The feedback version has two sensors, one at the outer position for resetting, and one which counts pulses as the threaded shaft rotates, to indicate the current position. Cables from the sensors are connected to the fieldbus module in the control box.

Automatic Guide Rail Control System

Automatic Guide Rail Function Modules

  • Guide unit, electrically controlled
  • Each unit is self-driven with high accuracy
  • Available with or without position feedback.
  • Control box and Junction box
  • Guide rail components
Automatic Guide Rail Installation

Automatic Side Rail System Capacity

  • Up to 220 guide rail support units/control box
  • Product width 35 to 360 mm
  • Product height up to 265 mm
  • Positioning repeatability ± 0,5 mm
  • Operating temperature range, 60 º C

Click Here to DownLoad a (118 KB) video that shows an automatic guide rail in action.

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