Conveyor Systems

FlexLink is the world's leading supplier of flexible plastic chain conveyor systems used to transport and handle lightweight products. The FlexLink conveyor is based on an aluminum conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain. Products travel directly on the conveyor, or use a pallet, puck or carriers.

These systems operate in a variety of industries throughout the world, including manufacturing, assembly, and packaging. These conveyor systems are available in six chain widths; 44, 63, 83, 103, 165, and 295 mm, with over 140 different types for special applications.

FlexLink can directly handle a wide range of products that weight from a few grams up to 20 kg. This flexible link conveyor chain is combined with a variety of aluminum extrusions and basic automation components. It is a complete system with a wide range of components.

Conveyor Types with Typical Products Conveyed

Conveyor Types XS, XL, XM, XH, XK

Blow Molding Accumulation on Conveyor through a Curve

XL Pallet System with Electrical Transformers

FlexLink with Margarine Tubs being Conveyed
FlexLink and gears These compact components use small radius horizontal bends and a range of means for vertical transport. Gentle transport with smooth-running acetyl resin chain eliminates product damage. The system also features components for a complete pallet system that can be used to build a special automation system for your application.

FlexLink components provide optimum solutions to material handling problems. These solutions ultimately translate into increased production efficiency and profitability. This proven design has been thoroughly tested and refined since the first installation in 1979.

We are proud to represent Flex-Line, as an authorized stocking distributor and integrator for FlexLink components. We can also provide conveyor automation such as stops, escapements, and transfers to meet your system requirements.
We don't just sell conveyors ... We provide solutions!
Tube of Caulk running betwen FlexLink Cleats

Flexlink conveyors and chutes running Toliet paper

Overhead multiple lines of FlexLink Conveyors

FlexLink and Pucks
FlexLink steel top chain feeding gears on an elevator

Conveyor Features

  • Short time to install
  • Flexible for a wide range of applications
  • High reliability
  • Easy to rebuild and reuse
  • Materials compliant with FDA regulations
  • ESD protection for electronic industry
  • Capability for clean environments and clean rooms

Advantages and Benefits for FlexLink Customers

Standard System Solutions

Elevator/Lowerator provide efficient solutions for vertical product transports with a minimum of space requirements. The products are elevated at an angle from 5° up to 90° depending on product shape and size.

Compact Buffer conveyors are used as an accumulation/buffer zone between machines. It is used either as an in-line accumulator which always is included in the transport path or as a by-pass accumulator which you connect to the transport path when temporary accumulation is necessary.

Wedge Conveyor uses two conveyor tracks facing each other to provide fast and gentle horizontal and vertical transport. Wedge conveyors are connected in series, suitable for high production rates, and are designed to save space.

Pallet Systems for robotic, automation systems, and assembly cells.

Wide Track Conveyors for larger parts where the entire product must be suported.

AutoAdjust Rails for automatic adjustment of conveyor guide rails using electrical controls

Spiral Elevator for transporting product from one level to another.

De-puck unit removes the puck (product carrier) from the product before the product is conveyed to the final packaging. Pharmaceuticals and personal care products are typical applications. The puck increases stability for unstable packages and minimizes changeover costs.

Flex-Line is the leading builder and integrator for FlexLink™ components in the USA. We have over 30 years experience building FlexLink™ conveyors. Flex-Line is an authorized FlexLink™ distributor with the largest inventory of parts ready for quick conveyor shipments from our central location in Illinois.
FlexLink transfer for steel rings using twisted beam
Pill bottles moving though a FlexLink curve
FlexLink X85 pallet system components
FlexLink wedge elevator walkway