Spiral Elevator


Continuous flow elevating or lowering products


The FlexLink spiral elevator is a compact and high throughput solution for up or down elevation.

No controls are needed. The FlexLink spiral provides a continuous product flow and it is simple and reliable as a normal straight conveyor.

The compact spiral-shaped track is the key to its unique compact construction that saves valuable floor space.

The application range is wide, from the handling of individual parcels or totes to handling of packed items such as shrink-wrapped bottle packs or cartons.

The Spiral elevator is applied in filling and packing lines.

FlexLink spiral specification:

  • 500 mm inclination per winding (9 degree)
  • 3-8 windings
  • 1000 mm center diameter
  • Speed 5-60 meter/minute
  • Lower height: 800,900 or 1000
  • Adjustable -50/+100 mm
  • Max load 10 Kg/m
  • Max product height is 300 mm
  • Drive and idler ends are horizontal
  • Chain width 100 mm
  • Friction top chain
  • Steel chain with bearings running on the inner guide rail
  • Powder coated mild steel frame
  • Column diameter 160 mm
  • M8 thread for guide rail


Standard features (not included)

  • Standard guide rail brackets
  • Plastic guide rail
  • SEW gearmotor type SA37/SA47