Plastic Handling and PET Bottles

Neck Support with Curve The FlexLink PET handling conveyor system offers compact, durable, and three-dimensional base handling of plastic containers. Features include controlled velocity with maintained spacing and easy changeover, a well as continuous and positive transport.

Modular System

The PET base handling range is fully modularized and includes straight-running sections from 750 to 3,000 mm, standard drive/idler module, horizontal bends with a 1,000-mm radius, a left-to-right neck support transfer module, a special vacuum module, and a standard divert module, as well as a lubrication unit for conveyor speeds above 70 meters/min. The handling system is available in aluminum or stainless steel.


  • Increased line flexibility
  • Minimized bottle damage
  • Short delivery time
  • Reusable Standard Modules
  • Simplified installation and changes
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • Lower noise than air-conveyors
  • Less dust than air-conveyors
  • Lower cost than air-conveyors

Vacumn Cover

Drive/Edler Transfer Typical Applications

Horizontal serpentine buffering of automotive oil plastic containers between filler and labeling operations. Plastic bottles can also be accumulated using alpine buffers.

Cleated Elevator

Oilcan Serpentine

Vertical cleated elevator with side infeed saves valuable floor space between blow molding machine and cartoner.

wedge elevator conveyors are also available for creating passageways or creating easy access between machines.