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  We take great pride in our ability to service our customers. Technical personnel who have extensive knowledge and experience, support our product in the field. Jowitt & Rodger’s Technical Center in Philadelphia has engineers ready to respond to technical questions and information about our product over the phone.

Our knowledgeable engineers are ready to work with you to develop a grinding system best suited to do the task that you require. We look at the total grinding environment, including the
coolant, and will make recommendations to help you customize your grinding operation to give the results that you demand. Jowitt & Rodgers is ready to serve you and your grinding needs.

Grinding Wheel Mounting and Handling

Grinding Wheel Handling (21 KB)      


Mounting Disc Wheels (31 KB)      


Mounting T2 Wheels with Glue (20KB)      


Mounting Segment in Chucks (45KB)      

Grinding Wheel Information

J&R Wheel Markings Explained (7KB)      

Resin Bond Advantages (6 KB)      

Aluminum Oxide grit size, expected finish and radius held (14KB)

J&R Cylinder T2 Wheel Grade Selection Chart (32KB)      

Grinding Wheel Weight Calculator (3KB)      

J&R Resin Bond MSDS (374KB)      

Grinding Wheel SFM Calculator (2 KB)      

Blanchard Grinding Information

Blanchard Wheel Adjustments (3 KB)      

Vertical Spindle Grinding Cost Evaluation - VS COST for Blanchards (7KB)      

Troubleshooting "Soft" Acting Grinding Wheels (13KB)      

Grinding Blanchard Chucks (142 KB)      

Blanchard Abrasive Trial Spreadsheet (19KB)      

Double Disc Grinding Information

Disc Grinding Guide (223KB)      

Spring Grinding Handbook (350 KB)      

J&R Spring Grinding Catalog (205KB)      

Disc Grinding Cost and Production rate Spreadsheet (32KB)      

GrindingCoolant Information


Grinding Coolant Selection (3KB)      


 Coolant Mix Calculation Spreadsheet (15 KB)      


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