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    Abrasive Applications and Markets  
    We focus our efforts towards supplying abrasive for the surface grinding market. Our excellence and on the job performance make Jowitt & Rodgers the first choice for many manufacturers. The following list includes just a few of the markets where J&R is at work to lower costs:
    Production Disc Grinding  
    Double Disc grinding is a high production, highly accurate method of producing dual flat and parallel surfaces simultaneously in stampings, castings, and sintered metal parts. While the process can be extremely cost effective because of its speed and precision, success can only be achieved with the proper set-up and the correct abrasive. Using Jowitt & Rodger's abrasives offers significant advantages for Disc Grinding.
    Disc Grinding can vary from high production rates exceeding 30,000 parts per hour to only a few parts per hour on large parts involving heavy stock removal. Regardless of the production rates, there are some peculiarities of disc grinding that differentiate it from other processes, such as cylindrical and plane surface grinding. First, the face of the wheel is used. While this creates a distinct advantage in terms of accuracy and productivity, it causes some unique problems. Our disc grinding guide offers solutions to common disc grinding problems (225 KB) Jowitt7.html

 Spring Button    Spring Grinding  
    In the last few years, spring companies across the USA, were changing to a new grinding wheel. J&R's revolutionary new grinding wheel lowered their abrasive costs, increased their production rate, and improved the quality of their springs.

Jowitt & Rodgers has developed this exciting new bond technology to support ceramic grain. This Cubitron™ grain, produced by 3M, has unique properties that can result in wheels that improve cutting speed and last longer. The savings from increased efficiencies can be dramatic.
    Our product is not just another new spring grinding wheel, these discs are a technologically improved ceramic grain abrasive disc wheel that consistently results in a longer operational life, reduced dressing requirements and more efficient production. To down load a condensed version of our special spring grinding brochure (205KB) JRspring.html

 Spring Grinding Catolog

    For planning and evaluating spring end grinding operations you can download an Exel spreadsheet (38KB) SprinGrd.xls

    If you need more information on spring end grinding, you can download our special guide (351KB) JRSpring.pdf

Knife Button   Knife Grinding  
    Jowitt & Rodgers Grinding Wheels has been at the cutting edge of resin-bonded abrasive tooling and closely involved in machine knife OEM and re-grinding industries since 1956.

J&R abrasives excel at grinding machine knives for the paper converting, pulp, wood chipping, metals, leather processing, plastics, recycling, food and packaging industries. The knives can range in size, design and material but include straight, circular, and cylindrical types.

Whether you needs include: Flat, Bevel, Edge, End, or OD knife grinding, We have the experience with abrasives for most machine tools. We supply segments, cylindrical and peripheral grinding wheels for most of the knife industry.