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mk Conveyors

With mk you have an extraordinarily large section of standard conveyor types. The mk conveyor system is extremely flexible in its applications, solid in construction - and competitively priced. Through standardization of components we can assemble customized conveyors to suit your needs quickly and efficiently. These features allow you to readily integrate our conveyors into complex material handling systems. Check out MK low profile belts.



Integrated mk conveying

The mk advantage above all, is that special equipment can be configured and drawn from standard components available in the profile and conveying systems. This results in a clear cost advantage to you. We can look back at many projects from material handling and gantry systems to full automation, ensuring you the best possible design assistance and support. We offer design assistance on a daily basis for customers ranging from small companies designing automation for manufacturing to large integrators designing complex automated material handling systems for the Automotive, Food and Packaging industries. Cooperation with the customer to achieve the best possible solution is a primary goal.

mk Linear Motion

Linear Motion components allow for the quick manufacture of precise guides using a small number of basic elements. The mk linear motion system is offered in individual components made to complement machine framing, or as complete standalone motion units. Drive packages and mounting kits provided for timing belt, ball screw and pneumatic actuators. We have developed carriages for all three profile systems ( 25, 40 and 50mm), by using mk clamping profiles (shown here) to hold the hardened shafts over their entire length while maintaining a high level of precision and parallel.

mk Workstations

Industrial Workstations with Material Handling mk industrial workstations are backed by experience and knowledge of ergonomics and work psychology. As with all our product lines, mk offers a total solution from a single source. A complete standard system with many accessories ensures suitability to most every assembly task. Lighting, tool holders, bins, swing arms and foot rests are integrated elements which provide the user with a pleasant work environment. Consider mk for your next assembly project.