FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation

Automated material handling systems must be flexible for practical manufacturing strategies to succeed. With the challenge of responding rapidly to changing production requirements, manufacturers require effective methods to reduce work in process, improved quality, and enhance productivity. FlexLink system builders are experienced in providing proven solutions designed to support your company's present and future manufacturing plans. Modular conveyor systems are made with robust FlexLink components designed for industrial environments. FlexLink conveyor systems enable flexible integration of manual and automatic stations with machine tool operations.
FlexLink Machine Tool Loading We can supply the FlexLink components you specify and build complete systems with controls tailored to your application. Our custom conveyor automation systems are designed to specifically address your manufacturing needs. Our experienced engineers and builders are available to provide technical support. For flexibility, economy, and reliability in conveyor systems, think Flex-Line ...We don't just sell conveyors we provide solutions!

Modular systems are designed to handle your parts using either palletized or non-palletized solutions.

 Parts on FlexLink Chain


Parts on FlexLink Pallet 

Parts directly on chain


Parts on pallets on chain


FlexLink Conveyors Machine Tool Automation

FlexLink conveyors automation is a perfect choice for Mazak IVS machines. These machines are designed for automation. This inverted spindle machine includes an integral overhead gantry loader with a portal through the center of the machine for conveyor automation. Loading times and floor space requirements are minimized due to the short distance between the work spindle and the loader pick-up point over the conveyor. Several solutions for Mazak IVS machines are shown below:


 IVS cell with part on XK chain



 IVS cell with part on XK pallet



 FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation






IVS Dual XK pallet cell with robot


 FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation

IVS simple loop with XM pallet for small parts




  Multiple IVS machines with XM pallet


 FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation

 IVS integrated with milling operation



FlexLink Components Make the Difference

FlexLink XM and XK chain comparison FlexLink Chain is the Foundation

FlexLink chain is the base for each of our conveyor systems. The chain is available in several sizes but the XM (83 mm) and XK (102 mm) are the most common sizes used for single track pallet systems.
The heavy duty XK chain and pallet system is the best choice for heavier parts. This system was not designed to move pill bottles, but is for the heavy 30 kg parts typically found in machining centers. Competitors often use a lighter duty chain like in their systems. FlexLink XM chain is equivalent, with a fair comparison, to Bosh Varioflow chain. We limit our smaller XM pallet system to 8 kg loads because we think you deserve no third shift breakdowns.

FlexLink chains were first introduced in 1979 along with new concept that included extruded aluminum standard beams, curves, inclines and other modules. In the past 25 years over a dozen companies have introduced other chains along with their few token modular components. Almost every week, we receive calls from manufacturers who are frantic to find non-existent replacement chains for obsolete conveyor systems. While many of these other chains have long since disappeared, FlexLink's first XL chain is still available along with over 5,245 other standard FlexLink components. It just makes sense to pick a long term winner.

 FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation

Pallet Station Components

Flexlink has a wide range of standard components for building pallet systems. Components are attached to the conveyor with the integral T-slot and can be reconfigured as your requirements change.
 XK pallet loop
 XK Pallet Station  
XK Pallet Station  XKPP 300 x 300 Pallet  XK Pallets
XK Divert Unit XK Divert Unit   XM pallet transfer station XM Pop-up Transfer
XK Pallet Stop XK Pallet Stop   XK Shortcut station XK Shortcut
XK Wheelbend Station XK Wheelbend Station XK Pick Station with vertical compliance XK Pick Station with Vertical Compliance

 FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation

Flexible Highway

The special features of the XK conveyor system include the special chain geometry, which allows a very narrow radius in the curve. Using 180° bends with just 200 mm radius, floor space requirements are minimized. The pre-assembled components allow different line layouts with standard connections between highways and satellites. With these modules, pallets can be transported from a highway into, back out, or past the satellite stations. Formed into an oval, line connections can also be constructed.
XK Allpine with steel top chain   Part running directly on FlexLink

FlexLink is a 3-Dimensional System

Vertical inclines, curves, and declines through elevation changes are easy to accomplish with a wide range of standard components that include wheelbends and vertical bends.
Continuous flow with a minimum of controls

Continuous flow means the work pieces are accurately positioned, and the system will guide through a loop without using pushers and diverters. Control requirements and energy compsumption are reduced.

Flex-Line pallet systems are designed to run standard pallets for robotics and automation integration. Parts are placed into fixtures that are attached to each pallet. Once a part is placed into a fixtured pallet, the product orientation remains constant. The product is protected inside the pallet to minimize the risk of damage. These standard pallet components offer lower costs, faster delivery, and higher reliability.

Pallets are moved, stopped, accumulated, and precisely positioned within a three-dimensional framework. The low friction acetyl chain is designed to run continuously under a pallet when stopped in front of a station. The pallets are conveyed using the FlexLink modular conveyor system. These conveyors include a wide range of components: including horizontal wheel bends and vertical bends. When future requirements change, the standard parts and t-slot aluminum construction make future expansion or modifications easier. FlexLink replacement parts are readily available.

 FlexLink Conveyors

Machine Tool Automation

The FlexLink Advantage
  • Proven track design for long life and reduced maintenance
  • Shorter delivery times with standard products and automation devices
  • Modular components for easy construction and flexible reconfiguration
  • Robust design with heavy loads up to 30 kg/pallet and faster chain speeds
  • Inline parts on chain or closed loop pallet system configurations
  • Asynchronous design for station queuing and buffer storage
  • Precision pallet stations or pallet stop for escapement and location
  • Available XK Drip catcher system ensures a clean working environment
  • Flexibility, modularity, reliability, low installation-and lifetime cost.
  • Components stocked in our Illinois and Pennsylvania area facility
  • Nationwide builders network for sales and support


 XK pallet system divert at curve