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Recycling Systems for Marina Wastewater from Boat Pressure Washing
The Encyclon water recycling system is the most cost efficient and best option for recycling marina wastewater that is generated from boat pressure washing. Marinas may use over 17,600 gallons of water to pressure wash a total of 200 average 30 foot boats. The costs of disposal by truck or sewer, with permits, treatment, and new water are just too high not to recycle.


Encyclon offers complete self contained filtration systems for waste water re-cycling. We also offer a self prime unit that allows marinas to add our cyclonic filtration module to their present wash systems. Our trailer mounted units include complete systems that are ready to use. Plug in the marina power cord set and connect hose cam-lock fittings from the trailer to the sump located below the wash pad. Turn on the power switch and the cyclone pump will supply dirty water to the cyclones for filtration. Clean water is supplied from water tank for the pressure washer using a standard faucet connection. Encyclon offers three standard types of marine recycling units:

 Encyclon Dual Tank Recycling System 651SP-MWTT

Model No. 651SP-MWTT
Complete Recycling System
With Dual Tanks

For filtering small sump(s) [less than 50 gallons] using the sump pump(s) to feed wastewater to the dirty tank mounted on the trailer for processing. Your sump pump capacity determines the maximum distance from the sump from the trailer, but is normally less than 50-feet. Dirty water is recycled using a Cyclonic filter. Clean water is supplied to the pressure washer from the clean tank using a clean water pump. Sump pump is not included.
$ 13,111.00 USD

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Encyclon Single Tank Recycling System 651SP-MWT

Model No. 651SP-MWT
Complete Recycling System
With Single Tank

For filtering a single large sump [more than 50 gallons] that is also used as the dirty tank
. No sump pump is required because the cyclone pump draws water directly from the dirty sump. This sump must be located within 12 feet of the cyclone pump. Dirty water is recycled using a Cyclonic filter. Clean water is supplied to the pressure washer from the clean tank using a clean water pump (not pictured).

$ 11,911.00 USD

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Encyclon Self Prime Unit 651SP-MW

Model No. 651SP-MW
Cyclonic Filtration Unit Only
Without Tanks

Module for filtering used with customer designed system and other supplied components. Dirty water is recycled using a Cyclonic filter. This unit includes a debris container.
Not included are clean or dirty tanks, hoses, cam-lock fittings, valves, clean water pump, strainer, mounting brackets, electrical controls, or trailer/skid.

$ 5,135.00 USD
5-Micron Cyclonic Filtration at 98% Efficiency
High Efficiency Cyclonic Cones are the key to removing particulate contaminates down to 5-microns or 0.00019 inches. The filtered particle size is smaller that a human hair split (21) times. Encyclon cyclonic cones generate a centrifugal force at 7,500 times gravity so the heavier copper items found in marina waste water are filtered at the most efficient rate. The Encyclon cone has a 98% efficiency rating for removing solid particles on the first pass, however since the water passes through the filter multiple times, the 98% efficiency is effectively multiplied endlessly. After several passes through the cyclonic system, the water may be clean enough to be discharged to most sanitary sewer systems, but since a discharge permit, testing, and monitoring is usually required, most marinas find it easier to re-use the filtered water for boat washing.

Encyclon Type56 Cyclone

Encyclon Uses No Paper Filter Cartridges
Cyclonic filtration removes solid particles in waste water without using paper filter cartridges. Encyclon systems operate on the simplest, most efficient means of separating foreign particles from liquids - centrifugal force generated in a cyclonic chamber. The same high efficiency cyclonic cones are used in all of our systems, so replacement parts are readily available.

No Filter Cartridges

Encyclon Filtration Controls Bacteria Problems Without Expensive Chemicals
Encyclon filtration controls bacterial problems because the recycled water is continuously aerated during filtration to keep anaerobic bacteria under control. Many of our competitor's filtration systems just kill all the bacteria using expensive chlorine, biocides or ozone generators. A few use chemicals to change the water pH to a level that is not only harmful to bacteria, but can be harmful to gel-coat and operators
Why Buy A Recycling System?
Wastewater that drains to surface waters is considered an illegal discharge under the Federal Clean Water Act. Even small amounts of untreated pressure washing wastewater can adversely impact water quality and accumulate in bottom sediments. Toxic residues from antifouling bottom paints can result in future problems and expenses for marina operators when faced with dredging contaminated sediments and their disposal. Clean Marina programs are designed to eliminate the runoff of contaminated water to the surface water.

Pressure-washing wastewater includes dirt, algae, barnacles, salts, and paint particles. These small paint particles are the source of heavy metals. About 90% of the heavy metals; copper, lead, tin, zinc, and arsenic are solid particles that are not dissolved.

Typical untreated pressure-washing wastewater samples contain copper levels in the 50 to 190 mg/l range, while typical municipal sewer standards limit copper concentrations to the 2.4 to 8 mg/l range. The allowed copper concentration in USA waterways is only 0.006 mg/l which makes even treated wash water discharges virtually impossible. 
Why Choose Encyclon?
Encyclon offers the best filtration for the lowest cost. These units are manufactured at our factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA. Since 1974 we have built hundreds of filtration systems for demanding industrial applications. Our industrial customers include some of the world's largest corporations who have the resources to regularly test fluid samples and reject filtration systems that do not perform to advertised standards.
We manufacture over 60 types of filtration systems with capacities up to 880-gpm and tanks as large as 3,000 gallons. Encyclon industrial systems remove thousands of pounds of abrasive grit and steel particles from water based coolants each day, so removing a few pounds of paint chips with copper is relatively easy stuff. Some of our other water recycling applications include: semi-truck washing, stone cutting, paint booth water-falls, potato washing, in addition to marina pressure washing. Here are just a few reason to start recycling with Encyclon systems:

Pressure Water Recycling

  • Choose Value - Encyclon offers a system that is significantly less than most of our competitors. You could much more for some of our competitor's systems and still not reach our 5-micron filtration level.

  • Plan for the Future - Encyclon has been building filters for over 35 years. Don't purchase a "magical mystery box" from one of our competitors and expect to find their proprietary parts in a few years after they are out of business.

  • Look for Quality Components - Don't expect a filter that looks like it was made from swimming pool components in someone's garage to hold up as well as the Encyclon industrial strength unit.

  • Consider Life Cycle Costs - Factor in the high cost for consumables such as filter paper, bags, cartridges, tubes, microbes, and chemicals. Encyclon systems work without filtration media or chemicals.

  • Eliminate Downtime - Encyclon systems simultaneously operate while washing boats. Systems that require quiet time, frequent recharging, or backwashes, reduce boat pressure washing capacity and revenue.

  • Generate Profits - The revenue generated from pressure washing boats can easily pay for the Encyclon system cost by adding an environmental charge for pressure washing.

  • Save Water - Encyclon recycling systems can save thousands of gallons of water in a year.

  • Be Green - Encyclon waste water recycling appeals to environmentally responsible customers and helps keep our water-ways clean.

  • Gain New Customers - As other marinas may eliminate the service of hull washing, your marina can gain new customers and sell other value added services.

  • Stay Legal - Avoid permits, reports, courts, and costly non-compliance penalties.

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