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Flex-Line Automation designs and manufactures complete end-of-line packaging solutions that include: Case Erectors and Box Forming Machines, Case Packers, and Palletizing Equipment. Additional packaging equipment is also available also, such as; labelers, bottle unscramblers, and centrifugal feeders. Flex-Line Automation provides individual products as well as complete integrated systems from a wide range of equipment and components for solutions to complex packaging challenges for efficient packaging lines. We offer complete conveyor integration both with and without puck transportation for customers who want to improve packaging line efficiency, reduce overhead or launch a new product..

Bugetary Cost

KF45B CASE ERECTOR KF45B Case Erector - Brochure      
Automatic Case Erector is a high performance case erector that has the ability to erect and seal cases with tape at speeds up to 45 cases per minute. Our durable case erectors can handle a wide range of product sizes and types. The KF45B Case Erector is suitable for all types of packaging environments where ease of operation and trouble-free performance is required.

$ 38,000


RGJA PACKER RGJA Packer - Brochure      
This machine picks and places a variety of products into cases, it is designed for objects weighing from 1kg to 25kg. The RGJA Packer can also rotate and manipulate the product. This flexible system is the perfect solution for packing bags, bottles, cases, and cans into boxes.

$ 45,500


TN3D LABELER TN3D Labeler - Brochure      
Automatic label application of pressure sensitive labels, eliminating the tedious, labor-intensive manual process. This series of labeling machines operate with photo-eyes, and electric controls with functions providing: dynamic tracking, automatic labeling placement and tape break alarms. Multiple machines can operate at the same time. The TN3D labelers offer easy installation, operation and maintenance. We offer two speeds of label applicators with speeds of 100 or 600 labels per minute.

$ 8,400


$ 9,734