Sidley Diamond


DABB tools produce straight, round, untapered holes in one down stroke in the bore without a skilled operator and without rejects.

The rigidity of DABB tools easily yields below .0002" (.005 mm) cylindricity in one pass with surface finish in the 32 microinch (0.8 micrometer) range.
 Improved cylindricity to .000050" (.0001 mm) and surface finish better than 10 microinch (0.25 micrometer) can be obtained by first sizing a bore with coarser diamonds and high stock removal and then proceeding to an additional semi finish and finish pass with progressively finer diamonds. Most applications can be successfully processed with two passes.
Sidley DABB Machines can easily achieve feed rates which exceed 30 IPM (762 mm PM) result in cycle times below 15 seconds. DABB's can be tooled in machine that can be tooled for the DABB Cycle. Sidley offers a full line of machines designed to maximize the effectiveness of our tooling.