Sidley Diamond Tool

Multiple Spindle Honing Machines
Belden Machine Corporation and Sidley Diamond Tool Company have combined expandable single pass hone and CNC machine tool technologies to provide unmatched production accuracy for the single pass bore finishing process.

Sidley Diamond in the 1970's introduced the industries first expandable sleeve hones which excelled in producing maximum cylindricity. Since then Sidley has expanded and refined its product line to produce top quality hones for applications as small as 1/4" to 7" diameters and larger.

This combination of machine tool technology and bore finishing expertise results in an industry leading bore finishing system. Whatever your bore finishing requirements may be, Belden Machine Corporation and Sidley Diamond has the answer and ingenuity to produce the accurate results you need with exacting repeatability.

Hone Machine Features

  • Rapid traverse rates up to 350 IPM.
  • Head feed design for easy automation interface.
  • Precision feed rates contolled by closed loop servo system.
  • Cross/hatch patterns with reciprocating capability.
  • Electromechanical indexing drive with integral dial plate.
  • Cam-driven indexing for smooth operation.
  • Accurate part positioning on each cycle.
  • Optional roll media or magnetic filtration unit down to 5 microns for uninterrupted production.
  • User friendly control, menu-driven programming.
  • Automatic diagnostics include programmable spindle load, cycle time log and parts counter. 
  • Machine Specifications
  • Number of Spindles 4,5 and 8 standard
  • Programmable stroke of Head 25"
  • Programmable Feed Rates .50-225 IPM
  • Working Thrust of Head Slide 1,000 lbs.
  • Main Spindle Drive 5 H.P. variable frequency drive
  • Secondary Spindle Drive 3 H.P. variable frequency drive
  • Spindle Speed Range 200-1800 RPM
  • Indexing Table 8 station electromechanical drive
  • Index Time .75 seconds (45° increments)
  • Dial Plate 31" dia. cast iron surface ground plate
  • Coolant System 35 gallon tank with 10 GPM flow rate
  • Electrical 460 V, 3 phase