Sidley Diamond Tool Company has been manufacturing PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) and PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride) since 1970. These PCD and PCBN products are offered by Sidley in hundreds of shapes and styles. Using the latest advanced manufacturing techniques along with experienced tool engineers, quality control, and customer service staff, Sidley provides an excellent combination for the cutting industry.

CBN Mini-Tip Insert

Sidley's low cost (under $20) Mini-Tip CBN inserts are the perfect choice for machining your hardened steel parts. These inserts can handle a depth of cut of up to 0.030 inches. Consider these inserts and turning as a low cost alternative to grinding many hardened parts.

 Sidley Mini Tip CBN Insert

PCBN tooling guidelines


PCD tooling guidelines

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