XT — Modular Pallet System


The XT conveyor is a twin track, flexible plastic chain pallet conveyor. The system is especially well suited for manual and automatic assembly and test systems in the automotive and electronics industries. The modular concept allows simplified engineering and ordering, as well as fast configuration together for improved productivity.

A modular system from FlexLink is effective, requires a minimum of maintenance and is easily adjustable to changing needs in the production process. The reliable and proven plastic chain technology together with advanced product development, enables FlexLink to offer you the best return on your investment. Through world leading competence in profitable automation, we aim to become your first choice.



XT Conveyor concept

The reliable, flexible and proven FlexLink plastic chain technology provides compact horizontal and vertical bends

The XT standard, side flexing chain is used in main conveyor modules and the, XT light, straight running chain for transfers, work-stations and compact conveyor modules. XT Light is a reversable chain that can run in both directions and is ideal for transfers. Both chains are available in antistatic versions. The conveyor beam cross-sections make the system compatible with most other available systems.


Modular design

The modular design is based on global application experience and reduces engineering and assembly time by offering functions instead of components. This enables a faster ordering process and quicker delivery, creating flexible and reusable layouts combined with fast and cost-effective control design through generic sequence diagrams

Module concept

The standard modules can be split into six groups conveyor, workstations, transfers, stop, locate and frameworks. Each module is quickly adaptable and reusable for future demands and can easily be integrated with FlexLink’s large range of single strand pallet conveyor systems.

The conveyor modules can be connected back to back to form the desired conveyor layout. Transfer and locating modules can be incorporated as required. Accessories and spare parts are available in component form. 

The FlexLink standard chain and integrated guide rails system allow for accumulation through the entire system, including bends, as well as easy and straightforward integration of stops, locate stations as well as transfer units with a minimum of controls. 

System Data

  • 25 m max conveyor length
  • 30 m/mm max speed
  • 180 to 640 mm pallets
  • 23 kg maxmum max load


Module Benefits

  • Flexible and reusable
  • Easy to design and build
  • Fast ordering and delivery
  • Easy to adjust and change
  • Low maintenace costs
  • Proven chain technology
  • Compatible design


Pallet systems do not always have to be complex. It should not require eight drives, four stops, four pneumatic lifts, four valves, eight sensors, and 28 more I/O in your PLC to complete simple return pallet loop.

XT chain conveyors can eliminate all that extra cost that dual track belt systems require. FlexLink dual track pallet systems use a multi-flexing chain to provide a continuous return path using only one drive. The FlexLink XT pallet system offers more choices, if a simple curve does not fit your application we can also build those complex rectilinear loops using standard XT modules.

FlexLink conveyor chain is the perfect choice for pallet systems because it is easy to inspect, access, open, and replace. This long life chain has a wear surface that is five times thicker than most belts. When using XT chain, there is no complicated belt tracking adjustment required, no special belt alignment fixture, and no heat required to fuse together a replacement conveyor belt. Each FlexLink chain link has a stainless steel pin that snaps into a detent for assembly. This pin can easily be removed with a pin punch and the chain can be reassembled using channel locks.
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