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Grinding Technical Information

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Disc Grinding
Procedures for Mounting Disc Wheels (31KB) DISCMOUNT.HTM
Disc Grinding Guide (225KB) Jowitt7.Html
Disc Grinding Cost and Production rate Spreadsheet (32KB) DiscEval.xls
Spring Grinding
Jowitt & Rodgers Spring Grinding Handbook (350 KB) JRSPRING.PDF
CBN Super-abrasive Discs for Spring Grinding (45KB) SPRNGCBN.PDF
Spring End Grinding Excel Spreadsheet Evaluation (38KB) SPRINGGRD.XLS
Blanchard Grinding
Vertical Spindle Grinding Cost and Production Rate Calculator (More Information) VSCOST.HTM
Procedures for Mounting T2 Cylinders Wheels for Glue Type Chuck (20KB) JRT2MT.HTM
Procedures for Mounting Segments in Clamp Type Chuck (45KB) JSEGMTD.HTM
Blanchard Adjustments for Hard & Soft acting wheels (3KB) BLANADJUST.HTM
Blanchard Abrasive Trial Spreadsheet (19KB) VSTRIAL.XLS
Blanchard table grinding procedure for resurfacing magnetic chuck (142KB) BLANTAB.PDF
Centerless Grinding
Centerless Grinder Adjustments described by part conditions (44KB) CENTADJ.HTM
Abrasive Wheels
Aluminum Oxide grit size, expected finish and radius held (14KB) AlO2GritChart.pdf
Super-Abrasive grit size, expected finish and radius held (67 KB) SuperAbrasiveChart.htm
Grinding Wheel Surface Feet per Minute Calculator (2 KB) WHLSFM.HTM
Grinding Wheel Weight Calculator (2 KB) WHLWGT.HTM
How to troubleshoot "soft" acting grinding wheels (12 KB) SOFTWHL.PDF
Safe grinding wheel handling and storage -ANSI B7.1 (21 KB) GindingWheelStorage.pdf
Dressing Tools
Tips on Using Diamond Tools (6 web pages) DM1.HTM
Coolant Systems
Filtration System Cost Justification Spreadsheet (51KB) FILTER.XLS
Coolant Mix Calculation Spreadsheet (15 KB) COOLNTMX.XLS
Rockwell Hardness Conversion chart (10 KB) RockwellHardnessConvert.pdf

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