Wedge Conveyors for Elevators


FlexLink Wedge Elevator

FlexLink Wedge Elevator 2
Flex-Line offers a complete line of Wedge conveyors. These are constructed with FlexLink components.

The units are easy to adjust for width and can handle a wide variety of parts.   FlexLink vertical wedge chain conveyors will take a product or package smoothly, with flexible cleats, from one level to another at speeds of up to 60 meters per minute. Suitable applications include soda cans, plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. The typical wedge infeed section is designed to straddle your existing conveyor or mount directly above. No other devices required.

FlexLink wedge elevator 3


General Specifications

  • Simple width adjustment- No tools required- Products up to 10 wide.
  • Two styles of flexible cleat chain- Grips any shape product without damage.
  • Smooth handling of product.
  • Flexible building block principle.
  • Lightweight space saving system.
  • Identical design for Elevating or Lowerating.
  • Variable speed or constant speed.
  • Speeds up to 180 feet per minute depending on application.
  • Elevation change up to seven meters depending on application.
  • Easily integrated into other FlexLink conveyors
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