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Diamond Rolls
Sidley Diamond Rolls
A Sidley diamond dressing roll is a cylindrical tool with diamond particles embedded in the periphery. The diamond area is qualified to the required form and then is ready to use. In use, the roll is rotated and fed into the grinding wheel forming the abrasive grain of the wheel along with removal of embedded metal. Rotary dressers can either have a dedicated form in their periphery and are plunged into the wheel, or can be traversed across the wheel profiling the desired form into the wheel.

Diamond rolls are most commonly available in two types: Sintered & Reverse-plated: Production for either type starts with a ringed shape graphite mold. The profile is turned into the bore of the mold.

The sintered type roll places larger diamonds on the inside of the mold in a regular or random pattern. A tough metal powder matrix and binder is then infiltrated around the diamonds and the unit is heated and sintered. After cooling, the graphite is removed and a steel bore is located in the roll's center. The rough diamond casting is then lapped to precision tolerances.

The reverse-plated type roll has smaller diamonds that are randomly distributed around the profile inside the mold. A nickel matrix is built up around the diamonds by plating. Since the roll was never heat distorted, the form requires a minimal amount of lapping to hold very precise forms. Reverse-plated rolls are preferred for higher accuracy and finer finish.

The advantages of using this type of product versus single point tools or crush dressing is its speed (3 to 5 seconds to dress), a tool life of thousands of parts, and consistency of parts produced.

Dressing Units
Sidley Diamond Rolll Dressing System

Sidley Diamond Tool has dressing roll drive units available for all standard grinders and can design special units to adapt to your requirements.

The spindle is generally driven by either a pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic motor.

Our capabilities also extend to rebuilding existing dressing roll drive units. Please contact our us for your specific requirements.


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